Welcome!  We are happy you could spend some time with us.  You are here because you have a sincere concern about the safety of your children. Unfortunately, kids don’t come with directions when they are born.  We learn from our elders, family members, friends, health care professionals, and unfortunately, sometimes by a mistake.  Preparing for our little miracle to arrive can be very overwhelming. Did you know that unintentional injury is the number one cause of death among children? In fact, the leading causes of unintentional injuries to children in the home are Suffocation, Drowning, Poisoning, Fire and Burns, and Falls. Moreover, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there are over 9,000 deaths and more than 9.2 million Emergency Room visits for non-fatal injuries every year for ages 19 years to less than one year of age. Together we can change these statistics. First you have to learn All About Safety.

At All About Safety, Inc. we realize the challenges faced with becoming a new caregiver.  That is why we have researched all of the current safety recommendations and produced a series of DVD videos so you can take Baby Steps to Safety™ and you don’t have to suffer from information overload.  We are here to prepare you slowly so you’re not overwhelmed with too much, too soon. Since children grow and develop at different rates, we decided to focus on baby’s developmental stage rather than age.  We will discuss and demonstrate how to prevent the most common unintentional childhood injuries plus so much more. Check out the Trailer BELOW for Baby Steps to Safety Part 1: Making Your Home and Safe for Babies Swaddling to Sitting.


Colorphire Studio is the Official Graphic Designer/Illustrator for All About Safety, Inc.

If A Kid Can Teach It, You Can Learn It!

Colorphire Studio is the Official Graphic Designer & Illustrator
for All About Safety, Inc.